Ladies and Gentlemen… Lets get one thing straight here. Waxing hurts. You are literally ripping hair by the root out of the follicle. Sometimes the hair won’t come out the first time. Sometimes it will break and leave the root in the follicle. You will be red and bumpy for a period of time and in some cases get ingrown hairs after the fact. It can also be mortifying knowing that if you are getting a Brazilian or similar that someone will be getting all up in your intimate bits. This sounds terrible doesn’t it? Check out the pain score card by Zensa!
The only sexy thing about waxing is the after effect if you are willing to endure the above. Waxing, as well as leaving you with silky smooth skin for between 2-6 weeks also decreases hair growth over time and saves you time getting ready in the mornings. If you are concerned about your aesthetician checking out your private bits male or female… Remember they’ve seen it all!!!

Many of the side effects mentioned above can be minimized by a few simple Do’s and Don’ts.

So here we go…

Do’s and Don’ts for waxing


Do grow your hair out for a couple of weeks, 3mm length is ideal because it is enough for leverage but not so long it hurts more and can break mid wax.

Don’t grow your hair for a month or so and expect a clean wax with 1 cm or longer hairs. It just won’t happen.

Do ensure you have a decent shower prior to waxing. Your aesthetician will thank you for your cleanliness. It will also help remove dirt and grease for a good clean wax.

Don’t moisturizer oils or lotions after your shower. Your aesthetician will have products for your skin prior to the wax. Many use a form of talc.

Do let your aesthetician know precisely what you want waxed, especially with a Brazilian. If you want a landing strip over a triangle or you want it all off… They are not mind readers so a little direction is good.

Don’t tell your aesthetician how to do their job. They are trained, can see which way the hair grows better than you. Once you’ve told them where and what shape. Leave it in the hands of the professional.

Do  ask if your aesthetician has a numbing agent such as Zensa. This is will help with the pain and probably only costs a few dollars extra on top of your wax.

Don’t take blood thinners or be hungover on the day of your appointment. This will be more painful and in some cases leave bruising.

Do­ exfoliate before the appointment to help bring out the hairs and open the follicles in the areas you having waxed.

Don’t exfoliate for at least 24 hours after because the skin will be bumpy and raw already from the wax.

Do use a good exfoliator and an antibacterial cleanser between waxes, if you find an ingrown use surgical tweezers and clean with alcohol for removal.

Don’t go nuts with the exfoliator and antibacterial cleanser. It will dry our your skin which will cause tearing and make waxing even more uncomfortable than it already is.

Gentlemen, you are allowed to wax too… Here are a simple rules to follow

  • Don’t go completely hairless, not only is it not that attractive. It will be awful unbearably uncomfortable to grow in for several weeks.
  • Save hairless legs for competitive swimmers and cyclist.
  • Blend and match… Make sure that your aesthetician doesn’t leave any harsh hairlines, as they look unnatural.

When choosing an aesthetician pick someone that you can discuss shape and blending with. Appreciate them as an expert. If you have a particular eyebrow shape you are going for take an image and ask for suggestions, a good aesthetician will understand face and brow shape. Waxing is an excellent way to remove hair, above all find someone you are comfortable with and can laugh with because we all know how unpredictable our bodies can be!