OxyGeneo 3 in 1 Super Facial claims to achieve the following:

  • Plump & hydrate the skin
  • Restore skin volume
  • Renew your youthful glow
  • Increase collagen
  • Reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • Improve skin cell production
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles
  • Be safe for any skin type

Our team at “Skin N Tonic” asked a client to share a little about herself and then her experience of the treatment to see if it lives up to it’s claims!

SNT: Tell us about you and your life style?

Client: I am the Mum of a 13 year old and two dogs, I live in the countryside and have my own business. My son and I have all kinds of hobbies that put us in different environments from dusty pottery workshops to enclosed archery ranges and such. I work in Branding so although I can be out at meetings with clients, I am usually in front of my computer screen researching, writing and doing social media type things. I work remotely either from my home office or a cafe somewhere… So I do like to be outdoors in the fresh air and sunshine whenever I can.

SNT: What is your skincare regimen and do you use anything to protect yourself from the sun? How often do you wear makeup?

Client: I am actually terrible, until you recommended some amazing products I was washing my face with a Soap bar and using whatever moisturizer was on sale for sensitive skin. I love the sun and enjoy laying out in it with a book or just chilling in nature with my kid and dogs. When I do remember I use a high SPF on my face and various SPFs on my body… I am also use oils to get my tan on. I wear make-up virtually every time I go out in public. I am conscious of my pimply cheeks and the discolouration of my skin on the sides of my eyes and cheeks. I also have large pores and have started to wrinkle around my eyes (I am 41 in December). When I am at home on a research and writing binge for a client I am rather naughty and sometimes don’t even shower let alone wash my face! I just get in the zone until I am done, sometimes thats a couple of days.

SNT: How did you hear about OxyGeneo?
I originally read a review on it on “The Beauty Editor” blog a couple of years ago, I don’t usually read beauty articles but it sparked an interest. Then when I came to Skin N Tonic for a wax, Irene had the machine in the treatment room. Every visit I made I had more questions for Irene who answered them all in great detail. Finally I booked an appointment.

SNT: What did you know about Oxygeno?

Client: I knew it was a three-step treatment that started with an exfoliation using a baking soda puck on a vibrating head. Then the next step was a skin rejuvenation that had a mixture of Hylauric acid, antioxidants and peptides. I knew the treatment ended with an Oxygenation, which used Carbon Dioxide to activate blood circulation and the product in skin.









SNT: What was the actual process and how did it feel?

Client: Irene from Skin N Tonic was performing the treatment she asked me what I was concerned about, the pimples, redness, large pores and discolouration. Then she explained in detail what she was going to do and what it might feel like. Step one was cleansing my face using a mild lotion, then the baking soda puck was used on my face. It sort of tickled and towards the end became a little more abrasive but it didn’t hurt it kind of tingled. Step Two was my favourite the gel like mixture of the antioxidants was massaged into my face with another head that had bumps on it. It was cooling and relaxing and lasted about 15 minutes it was incredibly Zen like. Then the gel was wiped off and the last part that took place felt similar to the second bit but wasn’t cooling and tingled.

I really liked that Irene explained every step as we went along in detail even though she’d given me an overview in the beginning, so I knew exactly what was going and why it felt the way it did.

SNT: How did you feel about the immediate results?

Client: I was really surprised at how quickly the redness went away and that my pores were visibly smaller and the wrinkles around my eyes were gone. The skin was smoother on my jaw line and around my mouth and although my cheeks were still red and bumpy they looked and felt smoother than before.

SNT: How did your skin look in the following days?

The day after I could see a really big difference, my skin looked and felt incredibly smoother, more so than the previous day. I got quite a few comments from family and friends and wore way less make-up that day. For the next week my skin had a few oily secretions and then went a little flakey. Once that passed I actually stopped wearing make-up everyday! My skin is visibly different after one treatment and in a very short amount of time.

SNT: How do you feel about the process?

It only took an hour from start to finish, so time wise it is efficient and easy to work into my schedule. Because the redness went away so fast I can get on with my day and not feel conscious, I guess this would differ for everyone though. Given that after one treatment I have seen a huge difference, it has made me very excited to try it again soon.

SNT: Would you recommend this treatment to others?

Client: I would! I would suggest that they do the treatment and talk to Irene and her team about products to use between treatments. I am now using some G.M. Collin products from Paris, I have a foaming cleanser that I generally use twice a day, a vitamin C serum that I use mixed in with my regular moisturizer and neat on my hands (because I noticed they were aging). I use also use a powder exfoliator once a week and a face pack two or three times a month. They have really made a difference!


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