We all have those days where we didn’t get out of our homes as planned in the morning… Maybe we slept in, a pipe burst, the family pet did something random or our offspring turned demonic for an hour. The fact is we just didn’t get ready for our day to our full potential. Notice how these things always happen on the day of an important meeting or client interaction and cause unneeded stress.

How do we deal with this stress?

There are number of things we can do internally and externally to improve our wellbeing on days like this for instance…

  1. Ground Yourself – Find a patch of grass or step out into nature. Firmly place both feet on the ground (barefoot weather permitting) and take 3 deep breaths. Focus on the fact this day will pass. Look at the sky and again take 3 deep breaths. Focus on letting everything go. Steady yourself and take three more deep breaths… Understanding that we a small part of the universe.
  2. Create a Mini to-do List – What are the three most important tasks at hand? Can we accomplish them and do we need help. What is the time frame? Take each task individually so your day doesn’t seem as overwhelming.
  3. Lunch Break mini makeover – Grab a quick facial and have your make up reapplied. The power of touch is nurturing, relaxing and healing in itself. A mini facial can relieve stress and headaches. Having your makeup redone will give you a boost of confidence and make you feel fantastic.
  4. 10 Minute Meditation – There is a number of apps for this and various youtube video’s for a guided meditation, however if you don’t subscribe to one. Find a quiet spot to sit and breath deeply while imaging every limb in your body relaxing. Clear your mind and let thoughts drift freely not hanging on to anyone in particular. Keep taking deep breaths and imagine the oxygen being carried through your body feeding all of your vital organs while all of the toxins are pushed out.
  5. Carry Lavender Oil – Lavender oil is fantastic to calm the mind and body. Ensure that Lavender doesn’t affect your co-workers in any way and that no one around is pregnant.


Many of the above can be practiced on a daily basis; ideally tools to minimize stress should be incorporated in to our lifestyle. A lunch break refresher is a fab treat when you don’t have time for a full spa package. Check out your local beauty salon and see what they offer from mini facials and manicures to a 20-minute massage and see how it improves your day.