We are getting married! This small phrase conjures up many images… Images of sharing a profound union of love, a gathering of friends and family and STRESS! Venue, dress, suit/tux, who gets invited, when should we do it, what do we eat, should it be an experience or should it be traditional?

Stress has a ridiculous impact on our system and it shows in our skin. This is why taking care of your self the week of or day before the wedding does not work. This goes for men and women.

So lets get straight to it… Beauty tips for the special day regardless of gender, location and type of wedding:


  • Starting your regimen the week before your wedding doesn’t cut it. You need to ensure that you are drinking water, taking care of yourself by replenishing vitamins and nutrients daily to your body and skin at least 6 months prior. Our bodies do not always get on board with our plans so give your self some time. A year if possible… Especially if you are trying out new products or treatments as they can cause irritation, redness and breakouts. Which you do not want the day of!


  • Work with a professional! If you have problem skin, start out with a dermatologist who can let you know what your skin can and can’t handle. Then find an aesthetician that will understand what is required to get your skin to where it needs to be for wedding. A good aesthetician is not going to tell you have a microdermabrasion treatment the night before your wedding.


  • Waxing is another one, waxing should start a year before the wedding around once or twice a month depending on hair growth. This will get your body used to it, train the hair to grow in a particular direction and cause it to gradually thin out over time. Waxing can cause redness and bumps as well in-grown hairs. So get on this as soon as possible.


  • Spray tans are fantastic for your wedding day because they don’t cause redness, tan lines or unevenness. However, they do take time to develop, they can stain your clothes and you made need touch ups. So give yourself a couple of weeks for this one.


  • Hair, make-up and nails, these differ for men and women. Generally men don’t wear make-up (although some do), they prefer natural nails and their hair doesn’t take much preparation. So, the best thing to do is maintain their regular appointments for nails and hair. A decent manicure and pedicure a few days before the wedding should suffice however with hair it is best to get it cut a couple of weeks prior to the big day so that it falls more naturally with a bit of growth. A hot towel shave the day before is super refreshing. Ladies, I cannot stress enough – have hair and make up trials prior to your wedding. Know what you are wearing, have images and ideas of what you like. Interview who you’d like to work with and check out their portfolio to see previous work. Feel free to ask for testimonials. Also remember that you will with this hair and make up for the entire day, you will be photographed and you will have these photos for life. So my advice is to go for something natural or classic understanding that the make-up will need be heavier to show up in photos.


Weddings don’t need to be stressful if you take the right measures, feeling good in your own skin and having a gorgeous glow is what every couple needs on the day they share their love with world… Remember! The best way to finish off any outfit is with a smile…