We think of Gold as today’s trendiest ingredient for skincare because we see celebrity aestheticians like Rene Lynn from her LA Clinical Salon in the media talking about the benefits they have found from incorporating it into their clients regimen and how 24 Karat Gold is a non clinical alternative to procedures such as Botox… However, Gold was used by ancient civilizations in countries such as Egypt and Japan. Cleopatra Queen of Egypt was considered to be one of the most beautiful of her time. Cleopatra was famous for taking extremely good care of her body, it is known that she took milk baths and had sea salt body scrubs. Believe it or not one of the key ingredients to Cleopatra’s beauty was powdered gold.

Gold has some very important benefits for the human body. Gold has been known to possess a warm energy that brings soothing vibrations to aid in the healing process. We’ve all heard about rubbing a gold ring on an ailment to heal it, it is not just an old wives tale. Gold has regenerative properties and is used in modern medicine to help heal people with illnesses such as cancer. When used in products can enhance our skins productivity and overall look.

1. Gold reduces wrinkles and, fine lines and spots as well as helping to prevent premature signs of aging.

2. Gold promotes growth in skin cells, nerves and veins.

3. Gold slows down collagen depletion, so keeps the skin supple for longer.

4. Gold is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

5. Gold will leave your skin glowing because of all of the above.



 So why does gold have this effect on our skin?

First of all Gold is Biologically Benign, our bodies do not reject it which is why it is used in medicine so much because of this gold allergies are very rare. Secondly, Gold is an excellent electrical conductor, so it enhances the body’s transmission of bioelectrical current between cells. These bioelectrical signals improve blood circulation and accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production.

What gold skin care products should I use?

Cleopatra was famous for her 24 Karat Gold face mask, a face mask is a good idea but will usually only need to be used once a week. To incorporate gold into your day-to-day skin regimen it is a good idea to use a product line that contains Nano Gold Technology® because it breaks the gold down in to nano particles and suspends them in a liquid form so that they can easily penetrate the surface of the skin reaching the levels below the dermis to completely rejuvenate your skin. We like Kollagenx 24 KT Gold Skincare because of the soothing and active ingredients they contain with the gold which are:

  • Plant Based Collagen and Elastin,
  • Rose Water
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin B3
  • Glycerin
  • Hamamelis Virginiana Extract

These ingredients create a phenomenal base and have therapeutic qualities of their own. Kollengenx have a version of Cleopatra’s famous face mask, as well as an eye mask. They also carry a cleanser, eye serum, face serum and lip gloss taking care of every aspect of your routine and the delicate skin on your face.

As you can see gold is an excellent ingredient to add into your daily skincare, speak to your aesthetician and find out what they would incorporate into your routine, see if they have any samples and see for yourself!